Eric Lutfy started TCCI back in 1957 in his carport. He moved the business to a storefront in Phoenix, AZ providing firearms, ammunition and reloading components.

In the early 1970s he moved the business to his present location at 7215 W. Southern Avenue in Laveen, AZ so that he could manufacture ammunition. At this location he could do a lot of experimentation and testing on his range.

In 1989 he received two patents on monolithic solid alloy projectiles and manufactured them in calibers from .284 to .577. He trade marked "Original Solid". These projectiles are currently used around the world. The single alloy projectile concept is the most revolutionary concept in the last century, possibly equaling or surpassing the invention of smokeless powder.

Over the years, Eric bought old arsenal machinery. Some of these machines manufactured ammo for US and allied forces in WWII and Korea. Quite a few of them are still producing ammo.

We currently manufacture projectiles and load ammunition for .50 BMG such as ball, API and tracer, including high pressure test loads that many other people in the industry use for testing their products. Eric started shooting .50 BMG firearms back in 1962. He developed the ability to manufacture accurate projectiles for the .50. This resulted in .50 rifle competitions and the eventual forming of the Fifty Caliber Shooters Association. He not only designed the vehicle for that but was instrumental in urging the formation of that association.

We custom manufacture other specialty items in various calibers such as a variety of blanks, seismographic cartridges, high pressure tests cartridges,  ammo testing, expert witness in court cases,  non-toxic projectiles and obsolete cartridges.

We consult in other engineering and techniques in the ballistic and ammunition manufacturing field.