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Our return policy is 100% money back subject to a complete and full explanation of why our product was not satisfactory. If our description was not full and complete before you bought our product we would like to know that. If it was a truly defective product, no problem, we will even pay return shipping.

We take all credit cards. We do not keep credit card information on file.


Thunderbird Cartridge Co., Inc. exercised reasonable care in the assembly of this ammunition. In as much as the conditions of use are not under our control, Thunderbird Cartridge Co., Inc., assumes no responsibility or liability, expressed or implied, for the use or misuse of this ammunition or components. Use only in modern firearms in good condition, which are intended for this cartridge and free from bore obstructions. Use this ammunition and components at your own risk. Hearing and eye protection should be worn during all shooting activities. Keep out of reach of children and irresponsible individuals.

If you are going to stop by and pick up powder, we would appreciate it if you would call in, at least one hour before you stop by. Ideally, a day before would be appreciated. This especially applies to black powder.

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